Engine Builds

Using the latest automotive technology and top quality parts, we provide unrivaled high performance and custom engine rebuilds for your custom, classic or hot rod. From accurate stock reproduction to the most outrageous modification, our engine build services guarantee satisfaction. Our one-stop approach covers inspection and diagnosis, removal, machining, rebuild and re-installation. We can locate a suitable engine for you or work on your own personal engine. We specialize in restoring vintage and collector cars, which includes locating hard-to-find engine parts, rare rebuild-able engine cores, cylinder heads or complete engine assemblies.

Our Rebuilding Process includes:

Removal and inspection of candidate engine.Complete dis-assembly of engine block and cylinder head including all plugs.

Thermal cleaning and hi-pressure jet wash.

Casting inspection for damage or flaws (magnaflux and pressure testing).

Engine block boring, honing, and if necessary line hone and block decking.

Crankshaft inspection, journal welding, straightening, journal grinding and micro polishing.

Precision machining on engine block, crankshaft, connecting rods and cylinder heads.

Cylinder heads reconditioned with new bronze guide liners, valve springs, valve stem seals, resurface of valves, seats and head gasket surface area.

Engine reassembled with new freeze plugs and oil galley plugs installed, new main and rod bearings installed. New timing chain/belt and related gears.

Bench tested for proper oiling. Valves adjusted and compression checked. Seals and gaskets inspected for proper sealing with any leaks repaired.

Final engine assembly, mechanical checks, adjustments and painting to original factory specification, ready to be re-installed pending your final approval. charger-engine